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Nulla è perduto
Illegio, Casa delle Esposizioni, Tolmezzo
from July 4th to December 13th 2020

Nulla è perduto

The protagonist of the 2020 edition is the disappeared beauty and prodigious reappearance of extraordinary masterpieces in the art history: an exhibition resulting from the partnership with Sky Arte, with Factum Arte in Madrid, and with Ballandi Arts.

Seven priceless and lost masterpieces will be exhibited, but brought back to light thanks to the technologies of Factum Arte: a team of historians, artists, restorers and 3D software experts has managed to create rematerialisations capable of returning every detail of the missing originals, including the three-dimensionality of the brush strokes on the pictorial surface, with a spectacular rendering that seems difficult to distinguish from the original painting.

Alongside these seven works, a reproduction of the painting "Saint Matthew and the Angel" (by the Finnish artist Antero Kahila), a digital rematerialisation of the windows of the main facade of the Cathedral of Chartres and various original works of art will be exhibited , swallowed by the darkness for a long time and recently found.

Opening: every day, 9.00am-7.00pm

Reservation: compulsory for everyone
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