Cercivento (Çurçuvint in the local language) is one of 28 town halls of Carnia, the North-West mountain region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Located at 607 m. on sea level, along the valley of the But river, roughly halfway between Tolmezzo and the Monte Croce Carnico pass which marks the border with Austria, the village is divided in two distinct hamlets ("Cercivento di Sopra" and "Cercivento di Sotto") and some villages (Vidal, Cjandelin, Costa) that make up the hamlet of Casali. Today the town has just under 700 inhabitants.

Cercivento had been an important military garrison in the Lombard period; the village knew its most flourishing period around the century. XVI and XVII, until a landslide buried the village of Centa, just behind the cemetery (1692). Following the Italian defeat in Custoza (III War of Independence, 1866) and Kobarid (World War I, 1917), the village had to suffer the Austrian occupation, then the Cossack one during the Second World War. The Gemona earthquake (May 6th, 1976) caused damages in Cercivento but followed by a speedy reconstruction.

Today Cercivento is a quiet mountain village, the starting point for beautiful hikes to the "Pian delle Streghe" and Mount Tenchia (1840 m.) To reach the top of the panoramic Cimon di Crasulina (2104 m.), the highest point of the municipality.

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